A little bit of Caxton goes a long way

After a bit of, shall we say, down time, I've been perked up by following up on some early leads.

I almost had to be bullied into it as I'm not a natural sales-person but once I got into my stride I remembered how much I love talking to people and how I get such a buzz from talking about what I do.

The conversations I've had so far this week (and I've one more business meeting to come) have been really uplifting. I've felt that the offer I'm making people is really genuine. It's about wanting to help and finding ways to impact on the bottom line; whether that's defining impact to meet social objectives or growing a business.

And I truly feel I can make a difference. My model is flexible so that clients can take what they need from me, no more no less. I also believe I can help them to maximize the return on their investment through mentoring and coaching their own staff so that a little Caxton goes a long way!