A vision for Cornwall's natural beauty: in stunning print

As a Cornish resident I'm passionate about the natural beauty that I'm fortunate to be surrounded by and to be able to enjoy every day.

When the chance came up to work on the production of a new management plan for the 12 areas that make up the county's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, I didn't need to be asked twice.

A relatively complex document that has to satisfy a number of stakeholders and a legal requirement for all AONBs around the country, the client was also looking to achieve something a little bit 'special'.

Working with my good friends at Leap, we set out to put a great deal of our love for Cornwall into these documents that would together be around 200 pages long.

The project incorporated so many elements that it was not always easy to keep it on track. There was original and relevant poetry to be sourced and permissions gained. New photography to be commissioned and a huge library of existing shots to be trawled to find some unique images.

We commissioned five completely new illustrations and infographics for the publications and these had to tread a fine line between the right amount of edginess without being overtly challenging to the local system. 

We even interviewed the photographers to capture their own thoughts on the special nature of Cornwall.

The complexity of what we were trying to deliver occasionally threatened the delivery and, like many such projects, we did go over time on it. But I think all of us who were involved would be happy to say how proud we are of the finished article.

It's a work that's complex, stylish and eclectic, with just a little bit of an edge. That just about sums up Cornwall!

Source: http://www.cornwall-aonb.gov.uk/management...