Potential, unlocked!

I spent two days last week being put through my entrepreneurial paces with about 30 other people at the Unlocking Potential boot-camp.

The essence of it was to thoroughly test our business ideas and, if necessary, call into question what on earth we thought we were doing!

There were many passionate people there, but some who had lost their way and I felt it was those few who could have benefited the most in some ways. Most of the others were at the very beginning of their start-up journey and some had neither name nor plan - just a product or service they were desperate to sell.

Lots of craftspeople and lots of food-based companies from high end foodie magazines to burger vans.

I came away having really though through my core purpose and ideal customer and as a result may be making some minor tweaks to my website, to ensure I am hitting the right note.

I very much enjoyed pitching my business - which I did repeatedly, to anyone who would listen - and got some excellent feedback. It has really boosted my confidence in my business, and I was already feeling pretty confident!

Tomorrow is the final day of the bootcamp where we learn about cashflow and profit & loss - strangely, I'm looking forward to it...

Source: http://www.unlocking-potential.co.uk/