Participatory website design

This week I've been playing around with ePubs (created in Adobe InDesign) for a client I will be working with over the coming weeks.

The project is a website commission and I'm proposing to conduct the commission using participatory design. There's quite a bit of research out there about this but it's something I've done before with great results.

Managing the challenges of working with a wide range of different people is something to bear in mind with this kind of design but the end results are usually worth it.

I've used participatory design for branding too and it is a fantastic way to create new enthusiastic ambassadors for your brand.

At the link below you can download my whizzy little ePub which is just a very brief guide to this way of working and demonstrates a couple of very simple interactive elements. By the way, there is no significance to the animals other than to my client!

If you would like to discuss ways to use participation for your projects, contact me and I would be glad to go through my guide in more detail.

Download my brief guide to participatory web design.