Fixing stuff

The ending of a year-long contract recently has done two things:

1 - given me time to reflect on where I'm headed with my business and what I want to achieve; and

2 - made me re-evaluate what it is I actually do!

Plus as I was leaving my last contract the CEO said to me: "What's your proposition? How should I position you when I'm talking you up to other people?"

For a moment I was stumped but then it really hit me very clearly that what I am is a fixer.

I love helping to fix other people's problems. I'm a good listener and I have a knack for seeing things that others can't (often when you're inside your business it's impossible to see what the issues are, not to mention how to go about mending them).

And then, over the past week while I've been tapping my fingers, umm, spending quality time with myself and reflecting... I looked back over the work I've done with my clients over the past few years and I really felt that being a fixer is at the core of what I do.

This isn't the same as being 'all things to all people' - a marketing no-no - but it does mean that I can, and have done, work with a very wide range of people and businesses.

The strategies that I create - usually collaboratively with the business owner - are not just about marketing, they are about the entire business. How it ticks. What it's for. Where the blockages and dead-ends are. Who the people are.

And finally, I've realised that, although I loved the contract I just completed, I need to ensure I invest time in my business. Time to write blog posts for example!