Chocks away

Fabulous day today meeting up with, hopefully, a future collaborator. The more people I meet the more people there seem to be who want to work with me, it's a lovely feeling.

By working together we really can, and will, achieve so much more - sharing contacts, ideas, hopes, dreams and setbacks.

And, drum roll... I submitted my first tender!

Having been a commissioner and client for so many years, I am seeing the other side to tendering. I've always thought of myself as a kind commissioner (would my former suppliers agree I wonder?) because back in the day I was a hungry young account manager in a Birmingham agency desperate to win every pitch I went for so I know how hard it can be.

But it seems hard for start-ups to get a foot on the ladder because of the stringent legal and financial requirements. However, I've managed to pull something together which I think is up to the mark and, whatever else happens, should I happen to harm anyone while in the course of my business activities, I'm exceedingly well insured!!

Wish me luck - I should know how I've got on by this time next week.